Turkey: 76-man Furkan Korkmaz attack near the locker room at EuroBasket | News, results, highlights, stats and rumours

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Vice President of the Turkish Federation Omer Onan Reporters Philadelphia 76ers and Turkish player Furkan Korkmaz were attacked by several Georgia players after Georgia’s 88-83 victory on Sunday.

Onan said Turkey would leave the tournament if security footage of the incident was not released:

“While Furkan Korkmaz was walking in the hallway to the dressing rooms with our coach, Georgia players who were not on the active list attacked him with the throwing player (Duda Sanadze) and the police. There should be no attack on the player going to the locker room. At the end of The game we got 30 cops into a fight We got into a fight with the official police in Georgia I called the FIBA ​​and I told the FIBA ​​officials too Don’t let anyone fool themselves or think we are idiots They will bring us all the camera shots from that lane Minute by minute without missing anything. If these cameras didn’t come to us, we would leave this tournament.”

Korkmaz and Sanadze were both ejected from the match after a brawl in the fourth quarter:

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Furkan Korkmaz enters it with Georgian Duda Sanadze

Fans started throwing cups on the field 😳


“There was a basketball game with two extra time on the field. Sometimes we played well and sometimes Georgia played well, but after our player, Korkmaz, was disqualified, three of the opposing team’s players attacked him in the lanes, while the security guards attacked our player and our coach,” he added. “We came here to play basketball, not box. Therefore, we are very disturbed by the security weakness that we are witnessing today. We will follow up on this as well.”

Korkmaz reportedly escaped injury after the alleged post-match brawl:

Turkey too solemnly protest The result of the match after saying that 22 seconds disappeared from the match clock during the confrontation between Korkmaz and Sanadze.

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It seems that FIBA It took 22 seconds off the clock when Furkan Korkmaz was disqualified from the match:

Georgia played great today, but that’s weird. pic.twitter.com/FVTlNwGBKo

“Today the match was 22 seconds shorter,” Demir said. “The fact that this is not just one or two seconds but 22 seconds makes us think that the situation is not just a mistake.” “We will follow up on this too. We came to Georgia expecting to be in a sister country. Yes, there was tension between the players on the field today, but we cannot accept what happened after that.”

It was a quiet day at FIBA:

The result of the Turkey-Georgia match was significant in Group A, as it dropped Turkey to third place with five points, while Georgia moved up to fifth place with four points. Montenegro currently leads the group with five points.

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