How this little box can help humans breathe on the red planet

Article – Commodity M2020 ATLO – MOXIE Installation Requirement: David Gruel Photographer: R. Lannom Date: MAR-19-20 Photo Request: 070915-171696 A device developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology that has been converting carbon dioxide into oxygen on the surface of Mars for the past 16 months could help fuel future human missions to the Red … Read more

This fitness trainer shares the 7 exercises she does every day to keep her body ‘young and healthy’

Morning stretches to improve movement As a fitness trainer, I am constantly focused on improving my mobility; It keeps my body young and healthy. I recommend doing stretching exercises in the morning, when your body feels very stiff from sleep. Here are the stretching exercises I do every day: 1. Auto hip This exercise challenges … Read more

Europe’s plan for floating gas stations raises climate concerns

New York (AFP) – As winter approaches, European countries, scrambling to replace the natural gas they once bought from Russia, have adopted a short-term reform: a chain of about 20 floating terminals that receive liquefied natural gas from other countries and convert it into fuel heating. However, the plan, with the first floating terminals set … Read more