Opportunity market in Orangeburg for job seekers | Sweetened

The Orangeburg region labor market has ample job opportunities, but inflationary pressures require employers to raise wages and be creative in attracting workers. At Fairey Cheverolet in Orangeburg, General Manager Joseph Fairey IV said employee retention was the biggest challenge. “We’ve had more sales in our store in the last two years than I’ve had … Read more

Why the ladies’ co-working space woke up, the suite failed: “Extremely toxic’

When Danielle Alvarez returns to the ward In Soho last summer, she saw the writing on the elegant and perfectly lit mint green wall. “I walked into the space and was in shock at how much he died… He was always so busy. You can’t get a seat,” said the 33-year-old, who enthusiastically paid nearly … Read more

Is the world’s financial firefighter ready?

Is the world’s financial firefighter ready? The G20 countries should commit to doubling the core capital of the International Monetary Fund.. (Shutterstock) The world needs to prepare for a series of financial crises across emerging and developing economies. The writing is already on the wall, with Ghana, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka currently queuing at … Read more

Expect the jobs report to get hot and could lead to an aggressive Fed

An “We’re Hiring” sign is placed at the Target store on August 5, 2022 in San Rafael, California. Justin Sullivan | Getty Images Job growth in August may have slowed from July’s frenetic pace, but it is still expected to be very strong, with broad-based employment in many sectors. Monthly jobs data is always important, … Read more

Salt Lake Museum presents the first immersive art exhibition in Spanish

Lindsey Dunlap and Lilian Aguilar watch “From Monet to Kandinsky,” an immersive experience presented with Spanish narration, at The Leonardo in Salt Lake City on Tuesday. (Kristen Murphy, Desert News) Estimated reading time: 3-4 minutes SALT LAKE CITY – While Salt Lake resident Maria Elena Romero sat down for an immersive artistic experience on Tuesday, … Read more