Game of Thrones Prequel “House of the Dragon” vs. “Fire & Blood” book

How likely are book readers to spoil the book? Dragon Houseprequel to Game of thrones This pulls ridiculous numbers on HBO? Given that the book it’s based on is already finished, it probably is! But you probably don’t care. You might be the type to read the Wikipedia page before going to see horror movies, flipping to the end of the book to see how It’s over, and I found out about the red wedding before the first season of Game of thrones Because you searched for it or begged someone who read books to tell you what’s going on with all those crazy Starks. Here’s how Dragon House Compare it to the book on which it is based. Things are a little different this time.

As you can see in the show’s familiar opening credits, Dragon House It is based on a book called fire and blood. Many people have read George R.R. Martin’s book A song about snow and fire String but less, I imagine, I got into it fire and blood—The fictional history book published by Martin in 2017 that covers decades of Targaryen’s rule.

If you want to borrow the book and spoil what happens Dragon House This is very easy because The years we see on the show are only a few chapters in fire and blood. The events of the series premiere boil down to a paragraph, basically.

Be careful: because reading fire and blood Basically like doing AP Westeros homework, it can get pretty boring. There are some interesting passages but not very enjoyable to read in general. So, just to make it easier, here are some of the main differences between the book and the show so far.

ages in Dragon House a little bit different.

as was the case with Game of thronesThe characters in the show are not the same age as they are in the book. For example, in the book Alicent She is 18 years old when she married the 29-year-old King Vicerysand his daughter Princess Rainera About eight or nine. On the show, both Rhaenyra and Alicent are around 15 years old, and Viserys, played by 48-year-old actor Paddy Considine, is also much older.

As well as some relationships.

One of the most revealing, but not necessarily changing, differences between the book and the show is that Aliscent Hightower and her future daughter were court friends. The book only talks about how they became competitors later in life. Since you’ve probably read on the bumper label, well-behaved women rarely make history, so like…of course the book won’t include the part about being best friends.

A big reveal happened in Episode 1.

At the end of the premiere, before Viserys nominates Rhaenyra as the official heir to the Iron Throne, the king tells his daughter a secret that has been passed on from one Targaryen to another for centuries. He says that Aegon the Conqueror, founder of Westeros, dreamed that a terrible winter would come and that the only way to defeat him was with Westeros united under the Targaryen on the throne. Viserys then says that Aegon called his dream “A Song of Ice and Fire.” Did you point to the screen like M Leo when he said that? A song about snow and fire he is Martin series title! Now we officially know what that means! This isn’t in any of the books, but it came from Martin himself, according to an interview with the show’s makers, in from the inside.

It is possible that not a single character will appear

In the book, there is a dwarf named Mushroom (which seems insulting, especially considering that this book was published in 2017) who was a fool during the reign of King Viserys I Targaryen and a few later Targaryen rulers. According to the book, the nobles at the court believed that the mushroom seemed less intelligent than it actually was, which made it easier for him to be reassured and learn everyone’s secrets. After the performances of Tyrion Lannister and Peter Dinklage changed the way dwarfism is seen on screen, particularly in fiction, it would feel like a step back to introduce a new dwarf character who is the back of the joke. It’s 2022!

But while we likely won’t see it in the show, the POV of the mushroom is important to the book, because…

The book has an unreliable narrator.

The book is by George R. R. Martin IRL, obviously, but the title page adds an interesting narrative convention by saying that Martin is simply transcribing a text “by” Archmaester Gyldayn from the Citadel of Oldtown. You may remember the castle from Game of thrones; It’s where Samuel Tarly goes to study when he decides to become a teacher. In the book, Gilden as the narrator provides some editorial commentary. Determines that some things are just rumours. Mushrooms are one of its sources. So this means that not everything is in fire and blood It is necessarily “correct,” so to speak. Gildyne, Mushroom, and other novelist historians who contributed to the book could have misunderstood the facts. Like anyone in A song about snow and fire Universe, these are human beings with subjective opinions and loyalties.

Because the book has an unreliable narrator, small changes from text to presentation are easy to justify and do not necessarily conflict with the law. For example, in the second episode, we learn that Damon’s mistress Missaria (the woman whose accent was…a choice) can’t get pregnant because she “confirmed long ago that [she] She will never be in danger of giving birth ”, although Satan has already announced to many people that she is carrying his child. In fire and blood, Gilden writes that Mesaria was in fact pregnant and miscarried at sea when Damon was forced to drive her away. Maybe it will happen later – or maybe it’s not a change, and Daemon let people believe the lie so successfully that it ended up in the history book.

This way, although we finally know how the story Dragon House In the end, the show has more freedom to play with the narrative. It can include other families and other viewpoints of names and dates set in stone, that truly epitomize this world.

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