A scarcity mindset is normal, but it can lead to poor financial decisions. Learn how to make fear work for you.

this is Article – Commodity Reprinted with permission from NerdWallet. We’ve all seen it in grocery stores in 2020. The shelves, which were stocked with toilet paper and hand soap, were empty. We hid in our homes, deep cleaning all surfaces, and sometimes we challenged COVID-19 threat Catch Last remaining bottle of hand sanitizer in … Read more

For veterans of real estate in the Twin Cities, there was an idea and adventure late in their career that’s too obvious to miss.

The Launching a startup wasn’t high on the professional priority list for Lynn Leegard, who for decades was the top attorney for many of the Twin Cities’ leading real estate firms. But in an age when many brilliant CEOs are already dreaming of retirement and crafting an exit strategy, Leegard launched a company based in … Read more

Got a Google Pixel? Flip this Android 13 secret key

Friends, Android appreciaters, fellow Pixel folks—listen up, because what I’m about to tell you might very well change the way you think about sticking around your favorite Googley phone: No matter what you’ve seen with Android 13 so far or how much digging you’ve done to discover it Its many buried treasuresYou almost certainly haven’t … Read more

Topi raises $45 million to support hardware subscriptions for B2B merchants – TechCrunch

A new company is looking to do for business-to-business sales of hardware, which a growing number of businesses are doing in the consumer space, by making it easier for businesses to pay for equipment in installments through rentals and subscriptions. While companies like Klarna And the Payment confirmed Payment services that help consumers buy goods … Read more

HR + VR in action

Here are three attributes of virtual reality that can enhance the employee’s experience in today’s workplace. Onboarding and training are two jobs as organizations struggle to engage remote workers. Even after a comprehensive, interactive online orientation or training session, employees often do not feel fully prepared or connected to their teams, and there is a … Read more