Will the Warriors trade Jordan Bull and keep Andrew Wiggins?

The Golden State Warriors We’re a month away from the pre-season game, so it’s just as appropriate as any time to dip into another mailbag. Dub Nation asked some great questions, and did my best to answer them all.

No, I don’t think so. Objective of the trade Will have to cut their salaries. But they have to match salaries in the trade, which means they take that money right away. So the only way they get anything of value if they trade Andrew Wiggins or Draymond Green is if they get that salary back with an expired contract from a team that wants to put up some exciting future assets as well.

Even if it were possible – and I really, really don’t think so – would it be worth it to seriously damage the tournament prospects this year? I’m sure I don’t think so.

That leaves trading with Jordan Paul, who is not yet on a major contract, as the only option. Warriors can get a really good player for Paul, but they don’t get the same as the same. They’ll be worse this year because they’re chasing a championship, and they’ll be chasing their chance to re-sign with Paul if he makes another jump, or if Wiggins slips, or whatever. Not worth the risk at all.

Of course they could always go the way of keeping Green, Wiggins and Poole, and instead cancel Klay Thompson’s contract. The only realistic way to do this while restoring an expired contract is to send it to Los Angeles Lakers As for Russell Westbrook, who…look, I’ll move on to the next question now.

If Kevin Looney doesn’t start in the playoffs next year, it’s because one of two things happened. And this thing is either very good (James Wiseman broke) or very bad (Lonnie gets hurt).

I highly doubt Wiseman will be a better player than Looney this year. Strongly, I doubt it. And even if it was, it should be So Much better that it’s worth taking the chemical hit of saving the man who’s been building a relationship with Thompson, Greene, and Steve Curry for years.

Let’s hope Wiseman will be a force by the time she plays the playoffs, but gaining the starting role takes a lot, I guess.

Take these two questions together. Poole will be a restricted free agent the following season, but it has been reported that the Warriors are unwilling to spend what will be necessary to re-sign him, Wiggins, and Green.

Which means the answer to the question Is Jordan Paul leaving? Is…maybe?

Except for something odd, the question should really be whether the Warriors wanted to keep Paul or Wiggins. Anyone who reads this blog or follows me on Twitter knows where I stand: I’d like to thank Wiggins for his amazing 2021-22 season, give him an awesome championship ring (hopefully two), give him a standing ovation every time he enters Chase Center, and send him packing eight days In the week.

But do warriors agree with me? At the moment I don’t think they do. If they had to make the decision today, I would have expected that they would keep Wiggins and let Paul leave at free agency. But they don’t have to make that decision today, and luckily, it’s probably the most amazing story of the season for Dubs – other than all Can they win another tournament? The thing – is whether any of the players can appear as an obvious choice.

As for the extension of the novice Paul, the deadline is October 18 – same day Warriors season begins Raising a banner in front of the Lakers. There is so much incentive for the Warriors to strike a deal by then that if they choose Wiggins over Poole, they can trade JP instead of letting him walk for nothing. But there may be less incentive for Paul, who can play his part in a larger contract one step further, potentially choosing his destination in free agency.

The warriors remained silent about the condition of the juniors’ feet. The team didn’t seem concerned about enlistment day or before the summer league, and I can’t imagine that much has changed. But we probably won’t hear anything for a few more weeks.

I do not think so. If anything, RJ Barrett’s four-year deal — worth as much as $120 million — hurts Paul, as it takes the only team credibly willing to make ridiculous off-market contract decisions before Paul reaches free agency. I joke mostly, but mostly only. I don’t think anyone would be shocked to see New York KnicksIf they have the cover space, throw whatever is possible into the Poole.

Bad contracts happen in the NBA. I still think the deals of Anfernee Simons (four years, $100 million) and Jalen Bronson (four years, $104 million) would put Paul’s table. Bad contracts don’t really define the market, just as Timofey Mozgov signed a four-year, $64 million deal that did nothing but give us another reason to laugh at the Lakers.

It takes multiple teams to overpay for it to actually set up the market. For now, Bull Market is being hired by other young guards – guards who are better than them, I should add – who have been paid just right.

The questions of the second set are always difficult to answer because, at the risk of being taken out, what constitutes a second lineup? Gone are the days when the five newbies would sit while the five newbies would take over. Now it’s just a rotating crop of a few bench players and a few starters.

So I’m going to take this opportunity to create a lineup with Carrie and La Green, and say I’m very interested in a lineup from Paul, Donte Divincenzo, Thompson, Wiggins, and Jonathan Cominga. This is going to be an incredibly fun team that will be completely electric in the transition.

Andre Iguodala!

I say this half jokingly. While a lot of Dub Nation has strained Iguodala, I actually think he’s still a good player and fits well in this team. But I’m also mentioning his name because it’s probably the only realistic option left. realistic in the sense that it probably The only free agent that can actually be signed on to Dubs.

But, hypothetically, let’s imagine that warriors are in the market for another name. Three players stand out for me: Dennis Schroeder, Hassan Whiteside, and Carmelo Anthony.

Schroeder is far from being a top-tier player, and in the right system – while trying to rebuild his value – I think he could be a very good player again. Do the Warriors need another goalkeeper to dominate the ball? not at all. But good players are good players and you can’t have too many of them.

Whiteside, assuming the Warriors aren’t worried about him off the field (and that’s a big “if”), is the most talented player in my view. Despite all …. misses … things Surrounding him, Whiteside is an excellent defensive player and one of the best rebounders in the league, as well as a highly proficient scorer. To be honest, it’s really good. His reputation is not only. With Wiseman continuing to be a huge question mark, the Warriors could do a much worse job of adding a starting caliber center to support Looney.

And Melo… Look, he’s not a very good player anymore, but since his role was scaled back in the past few years, he’s seen his attacking proficiency take off. The Warriors are a great defensive team and an average offensive team, and A player 10 to 15 minutes a night can shoot the ball off the bench You won’t hurt them.

But I think they ended up doing other moves than Iguodala.

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