Warriors urged to abandon Andrew Wiggins: ‘Send him to pack up’

Andrew Wiggins of the Golden State Warriors.


Andrew Wiggins of the Golden State Warriors.

This offseason has been strange for Golden State Warriors. Although Otto Porter Jr., Gary Payton II, and Nemanja Bellica lose out on free agency, they manage to replace them with Donte Divincenzo And the Jamical Greenmitigate damage.

However, while most assume that the majority of headlines will surround their recent championship win, the storylines from Golden State all revolve around their future financial issues. Draymond Green, Klay Thompson, Andrew Wiggins and Jordan Poole will need a contract extension soon, and it is highly unlikely that the team will be able to pay them all.

And while planning ahead might seem like a smart idea, Stephen Curry made it clear that he, Green, and Thompson represented a package deal. In turn, they can be forced to choose between Wiggins and Paul. but according to Brady Kloepfer from Golden State of MindThis choice shouldn’t be difficult.

“Except for something odd, the question should really be whether the Warriors want to keep Poole or Wiggins. Anyone who reads this blog or follows me on Twitter knows where I stand: I’d like to thank Wiggins for his amazing 2021-22 season, and give him an amazing championship ring (Hopefully two), give him a standing ovation every time he enters the Chase Center and Klopfer wrote:

Paul may have a higher ceiling, but wings are so prized in the NBA today, so Wiggins may be the hottest commodity. Kloepfer also noted that he thinks Golden State is leaning in the other direction.

Warriors leaning toward Wiggins?

Right now, Poole looks like a miniature version of Curry, which is every Warriors fan’s dream. However, finding goalkeepers who score first in the league is much easier than finding wingers who can defend at a high level and shoot the triple. Because of that, Kloepfer thinks Warriors are more likely to pick Wiggins. At least, now they are.

“But do the Warriors agree with me? Right now I don’t think they do. If they had to make the decision today, I would have expected that they would keep the Wiggins and let Paul leave in free agency. But they don’t have to make that decision today, fortunately, and it might be more Great story of the season for Dubs — other than everyone else can they win another tournament? The thing — is whether any of the players can emerge as the obvious choice,” Kloppfer said.

Kloppfer also indicated when it would be imminent decision for the Warriors to sign Paul on an extension.

Paul Extension Date Soon

While Paul is under contract until the end of the season, Golden State will have an opportunity to extend it before the season begins. However, that may not be in Paul’s best interest.

“For the freshman Poole extension, the deadline is October 18—the same day the Warriors start the season by raising a banner in front of the Lakers. There is a lot of incentive for the Warriors to strike a deal by then that if they choose Wiggins over Poole, they can trade JP instead of letting him walk for nothing. But there might be less incentive for Paul, who could play his part in a larger contract with one more step forward, potentially choosing his destination in free agency,” Kloepfer explained.

It will be interesting to see what decisions Golden State makes, because with things going, the choice isn’t easy.

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