Top takeaways from Packers’ top 53-player list for 2022

Making green beams 25 menu moves on Tuesday To create the first team List of 53 men from the 2022 season.

Over a month of training camp and three pre-season games helped shape the roster from Brian Gutekunst and Matt LaFleur. How did it all come down?

Here are some takeaways from Packers’ Top 53 Men’s List for 2022:

Packers roll with two running backs

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The Packers released Tyler Goodson and Patrick Taylor and only kept Aaron Jones and AJ Dillon on the roster when running back. Matt LaFleur’s squad won’t get into a game situation with only two running backs, so there will either be an addition to the 53-player roster between now and 9/11 or the Packers will use coaching team summons to move around in the first four weeks until Kylin Hill is eligible to drop out. PUP. That is why it is called a “primary” list of 53 people. Packers played some numbers in certain locations in an effort to keep the best players. Judson and Taylor will likely return to the coaching staff on Wednesday.

Prefer Starter Draft Options

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The Packers retained all 11 draft picks, including all four seventh-round picks. Brian Gutkunst chose Samori Torey over Joan Winfrey, Rashid Walker over Caleb Jones, Jonathan Ford over Jack Heflin and Tariq Carpenter over several different vaults. General Managers will always prefer draft picks, especially in the first year. It’s a drop-in exercise, and draft picks usually win when it comes to the upside. In the case of both Ford and Carpenter, it’s hard to argue that either played better than its pose counterparts during camp and pre-season.

Numbers along the offensive line

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Having big injury question marks hovering over David Bakhtiari and Elgton Jenkins likely helped convince the Packers to keep 10 offensive linemen in the first 53. Royce Newman, Josh Nijman, Zach Tom and Rashid Walker could all play offensive tackle, providing insurance in the case of Bakhtiari or Jenkins is not ready early in the season. There’s a decent variety here, too. Walker, in the seventh round, won a spot on the roster late in the process with an outstanding performance in the pre-season finale.

Vibrating depth at key points

Packers are relatively deep in some spots on the roster, including along the offensive and defensive lines, but some notable weaknesses relate to entering the regular season. Depth chart is not strong behind the novice players in the outside back, back corner or safety, three important defensive positions. The Packers may have to make a seasoned addition in the outer back and safety before the first week. The depth in the safety looks particularly barren, but a few high-quality veteran safety’s were released on Tuesday, so there’s hope there. Overall, the defense is talented everywhere, but he needs to stay healthy in 2022.

happy story

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The Packers signed Mika Abernathy – a former USFL player – on August 10 to help bolster the injury-stricken safety position. Twenty days later, Abernathy is on Packers’ list of 53 men. He was excellent in three pre-season games and won the position. If Brian Gutekunst doesn’t add to his security suite before now and 9/11, Abernathy could actually be an important player – as a backup safety and on special teams.

Establishing specialists

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Packers activated Mason Crosby from the PUP roster on Deadline and stuck to long snapper Jack Coco, at least for the time being. There are a few snappers worth considering conceding (Cal Adomitis?), but Coco has tackled incumbent Steven Fertel and has been consistent through pre-season. Will Hazmoun bring Ramez Ahmed back to offer a backup plan behind Crosby, who returned from right knee surgery at around 38? Maybe a safe idea. As of now, the three-man specialist group will be Crosby, Coco and Pat O’Donnell.

Who can claim it?

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The Packers have not asked a player to waive after final cuts since 2017. Last year, a total of only 27 players were required in the NFL after final cuts. In other words, claims are rare. But are there any candidates this year? Running back Tyler Goodson, receiver Joan Winfrey, offensive blocking Caleb Jones, and defensive linemen Jack Heflin and Chris Slayton are possibilities. Growing a coaching tree by Matt LaFleur (Nathaniel Hackett in Denver, Luke Jetsie in Chicago) could increase the potential of a team formerly claiming Packer. The biggest danger may be Jones, a uniquely huge individual (6-9, 370) and putting together a bunch of good shots on a bar in the left to tackle this preparation. Teams are always looking for the upside in offensive intervention.

Biggest surprise?

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It’s hard to say it was a big surprise. The menu was somewhat unexpected on the sidelines, but the surprises were few. Curiosity more than anything else. Juwann Winfree doesn’t make the team after all the praise for him by Aaron Rodgers this summer qualifies. Rookie Tyler Goodson showed flashes of Aaron Jones-like ability and did more than enough melee to make the team. Shawn Davis’ failure to make the list was shocking, although injury played a role. Jack Heflin beat Jonathan Ford by a wide margin but didn’t make the team. Overall, none of these decisions should significantly affect the team’s chances of winning a lot of football matches in 2022.

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