$1 billion in federal economic grants headed coast to coast

Washington (AFP) – The government will send $1 billion in federal grants for manufacturing, clean energy, agriculture, biotechnology and more to 21 regional partnerships across the country, President Joe Biden and Minister of Commerce Gina Raimondo announced Friday. 21 were selected out of 529 initial applicants Competing for grants that were part of last year’s … Read more

This fitness trainer shares the 7 exercises she does every day to keep her body ‘young and healthy’

Morning stretches to improve movement As a fitness trainer, I am constantly focused on improving my mobility; It keeps my body young and healthy. I recommend doing stretching exercises in the morning, when your body feels very stiff from sleep. Here are the stretching exercises I do every day: 1. Auto hip This exercise challenges … Read more

‘Tragic results’: the mentally ill face fatal risks with the police

SALEM, Oregon (AP) – One summer night, Misty Castillo walked out of her home in Salem, Oregon, called 911 and called the police, saying her son was mentally ill, was assaulting her and her husband and was carrying a knife. “He’s drunk, he’s high and he’s mentally ill,” Castillo told the emergency staff, again emphasizing … Read more