A recent FHS graduate flew to Prague to start his career in medicine | local news

FOXBORO – Starting your medical career 4,000 miles from home at age 18 might seem daunting to most people, but not Ben Ricketts. One of three children of Daniela and Randall Ricketts, who moved to Foxboro from Tennessee 16 years ago, Ben is preparing to head to Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic, to start … Read more

How Student Loan Forgiveness Can Affect Your Credit Score

Chaay_tee | istock | Getty Images Student debt can make it difficult for people to start a business or buy a home — and one reason for this is that lenders take into account your existing financial obligations. Now that President Joe Biden has announced that he plans to cancel up to $20,000 for millions … Read more

Maine religious schools slow to accept state funds

Religious schools in northeastern Maine have been slow to accept state funds for students due to policies associated with the aid. Schools are able to receive assistance due to the June US Supreme Court ruling. The court ruled that Maine must include religious schools in a program that provides financial assistance to students in rural … Read more