Stafford Rams heads on a repetitive mission with no strings attached

Thousand Oaks, California (AP) – Matthew Stafford understands why the soccer world is still talking about his elbow.

After all, follow up on the Los Angeles Rams’ Super Bowl victory by not throwing passes in any off-season workouts, participating sparingly in training camp and sitting in all three pre-season games – all to avoid aggravating an elbow condition that coach Sean has dubbed McVay is a bit unnatural for a midfielder.”

Stafford understands, but he’s also tired of talking about it himself.

“I feel great,” Stafford said Sunday. “Ready to play. He can always be better. I can always try to feel like 21 again. We will keep trying. But no, I feel really good. I feel like I can do every throw. I don’t know what else you want to hear” .

The veteran passer is eager to end discussions Thursday night when he takes the field at SoFi Stadium for the opening game of the NFL regular season against the Buffalo Bills. Both Stafford and McVeigh say the quarterback will have no limitations while leading the Rams’ high-octane attack against the NFL’s best passing defense team last season.

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