Rory McIlroy has outgrown golf and LeBron hopes to play the NBA with his sons

1. “Lou McCurry was shouting, ‘Ash, get ready’ to encourage the manager to make a change, to give me two minutes, but I quarreled with him a few weeks ago after a game at Old Trafford,” he recalls. “He blamed me for something wrong and it had nothing to do with him. He probably just lost his head and I replied to him and said something I shouldn’t have said. He put it away and remembered it. It’s time to get back.”

United truly were a cup team in those days, with Liverpool dominating the roost, and the Old Trafford hierarchy was also famous when it came to rewarding their players. Grimes’ wages rose from £90 a week when he joined the club to £300, but he felt undermined by high tax rates. Thus, Grimes left Old Trafford in 1983 to join Coventry City, then the English Premier League.

“I went to Coventry for a transfer fee,” he explains. “All the United players were leaving. Jordan McQueen, Joe Jordan. We all had to move to do some trade-offs, especially from transfer fees. A lot of players moved to clubs just to make a living from them. We weren’t any younger. Ron Atkinson offered me a new contract. But there was no sign-up fee.

Talking to Paul Rowan from The Sunday Times, Former Republic of Ireland player Ashley Grimes recalls his adventures as a footballer.

Lakers lose to Pelicans 111-114

LeBron James.


2. James has something else in mind. He aims to stay around the NBA long enough to overlap with Bronny, who is currently entering his senior year of high school. If they succeed, it would be the first father-son duo to play together in an NBA game, and only the fourth of its kind in the top four men’s sports in the United States (after Jordi played Mark and Marty Howe in the NHL; Ken Griffey both played and Tim Raines with their sons in MLB).

When James first rolled out the plan in February, telling The Athletic that “my last year is going to be playing with my son” and that “it’s not about the money at that point,” the NBA world started translating. What does this mean for LeBron? Lakers? for periodic balance?

Of course, that scenario relies on a bunch of assumptions, including that Bronny, the 6×2 combo keeper, who is generally ranked in the top 50 in his class, would be good enough to make it to the NBA. Moreover, he even wants to play basketball to earn a living, which has been assumed but not yet mentioned.

Chris Ballard wrote about LeBron James’ dream of playing in the NBA with his two sons, Bronny and Bryce. Sports Illustrated.

3. She did the math in her mind: She had three weeks until the start of the Champions League.

Then she began to present the idea to her husband Dave: she will find a team that will allow her to play in the Champions League – she will have a dream again to chase. his reaction? “I think it was a bit of a distraction,” O’Reilly says. “Any pair of elite athletes knows what comes with the territory – we are extremes. You have some obsessions and that is part of what makes you great.”

Initially, the plan was to play for Zurich and train with Wenger, who is now FIFA’s head of global football development, but that proved impossible: she wouldn’t have been able to get a Swiss visa in time. O’Reilly was disappointed – “Dave was seeing how upset I was,” O’Reilly says. “You really raised my hopes.” Then she founded Shelburne FC – after she won the Irish League, they qualified for the Champions League. Well, it’s O’Reilly.

Her agent communicates with Shelburne. They answered immediately: Yes.

Gwendolyn Oxenham from ESPN It recreates the incredible events that led to the signing of former American star Heather O’Reilly for Shelburne.

Heather O'Reilly

Heather O’Reilly from Shelburne.

Source: Bryan Keane / INPHO

4. In recent months, McIlroy has now transformed from a golf star to a statesman. He has put the PGA Tour on his back. The good fight killer. $300 million (€300.2 million) of the Saudi Investment Fund’s funds were rejected.

He did it all with the charisma that many of his contemporaries lack.

It’s safe here to assume that McIlroy’s third FedEx Cup win was met with approval in the corridors of power because, well, consider the alternative.

Clear McIlroy off the leaderboard on Sunday and who – to use American radio slang – moves the needle?

Despite his extreme cleanliness, he’s not Scotty Scheffler. Or, despite the obvious international appeal, Sungjae Im.

It’s not Xander Schauffele, Max Homa, or – despite all his polish – Justin Thomas either.

It’s definitely not the eternal blues of Patrick Cantlay.

Seb Strica anyone?

Such is McIlroy’s lot that he has even been hailed and heralded in some quarters over the past 48 hours as the savior of golf.

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write to Irish Independent, Conor McKeown brilliantly sums up the impact Rory McIlroy has had on the world of golf lately.

5. Defender Ann Delaney, who worked at Geez, was already married prior to the tour and her husband, Tommy, also traveled as part of the small support team.

Delaney played football well in the ’80s and happily explained that her 10-year-old granddaughter was named Player of the Season with her club last year.

“I was like a tomboy and then if Pat Nun asked us to kick the snow off the rope we would. He was an absolute gentleman,” she says.

The Jeyes provided special tool bags but their tour was self-financed and a relatively unknown person named Johnny Logan was recruited to play for a fundraiser at the Drake Inn.

They took the boat from Dublin to Holyhead and a ferry from Dover to Calais and stayed in an inn in Reims, run by a group of enclosed nuns, though that didn’t stop some from savage sunbathing on the roof or smashing their homes. curfew.

They were, quite literally, ahead of their time because the first Irish women’s football governing body (ILFA) was not created until the following year.

In the Irish Examiner, Cliona Foley tells the remarkable story of the Jeyes who made a historic football tour of France in 1972.

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