Inflation raises average cost of filling out a 2022 World Cup Panini poster album to £870 | inflation

Inflation came to the football poster album. collect and complete Panini’s official album for FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 It will cost fans on average around £870.

Panini, who first produced a world Cup A poster album for the 1970 tournament in Mexico priced packs of five posters for the Qatar 2022 album at 90p each. This is a 12.5% ​​increase over the 80p cost of a five-poster package for the Russia 2018 album. For Euro 2016, the package costs 50p.

There are a total of 670 Qatar 2022 posters, which were first sold last Thursday, to collect. However, due to the iterations, fans will – on average – need to purchase 4,832 posters to complete an album, according to mathematical calculations Written by Paul Harper, Professor of Mathematics at Cardiff University.

At 18p, a poster runs £870. The average total cost was up from £770 in 2018 (when there were more labels on the album).

Harper said that if fans were “very lucky not to have a duplicate” in the bundles they purchased, they would need to purchase at least 137 bundles to complete the entire book.

It will cost 120.60 pounds. A total of 670 stickers in the entire book, with five stickers in each pack and one pack costing 90px: 670/5 = 134 packs x 90px = £120.60.

Posters for the FIFA World Cup 2022 Poster Album, issued by the publisher Panini
The total number of posters is 670 Qatar 2022 posters. Photo: Sipa US / Alamy

However, Harper said most people will find that they collect many duplicate stickers. He developed a formula to predict the probability of recurrences. He said in “The first poster you buy is absolutely guaranteed not to be a replica” search it First published in 2018. “The second sticker you get has a 681/682 (99.85%) chance to be a new sticker. The third sticker you get has a 680/682 (99.7%) chance to be a new sticker, etc.”

The probability of finding new stickers when you near the end becomes very small, and most collectors switch stickers with friends or at Online swap clubs.

“What is interesting is that to collect only the last 19 book stickers, you would still have to purchase 483 packs of stickers, or half of the total number of expected packs,” Harper said. In other words, you’re only halfway there when you only have 19 stickers left to collect.

The immigrant stadium worker who helped build Qatar’s 2022 stadiums had to work 1,964 hours to afford to complete the album, based on the 45p-an-hour wage many paid. As revealed in a Guardian investigation.

Panini reported annual sales of $1.4 billion (£1.2 billion) in 2018 on the back of strong demand for its labels in Russia 2018. This was more than double the $613 million revenue generated in 2017.

Chris Clover, Managing Director of Panini UK and Ireland said, “The publishing phenomenon is Panini FIFA The World Cup Sticker Collection has reached its 14th edition and the expectations are huge all over the world. The group release has always sparked excitement for the major international soccer leagues, and this would be no different. We’ve created a fresh new look and an innovative collection that promises to bring people of all ages together to swap and tweak their way to the finish.”

All 32 teams qualifying for the tournament – which begins November 20 – are listed on the album, and are represented by an 18-player squad, official ribbons and badges. The set consists of a total of 670 stickers, including 50 special stickers known as “shinies”.

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