How Percy Jackson Could Be The Next Big Disney Series

Disney is always on the lookout for new franchises that will continue to expand the studio’s dominance of the film and general entertainment industries. with the likes of both star Wars And the Marvel Cinematic Universe under their belt, Disney already has a firm grip on the box office. However, with streaming wars now in full effect, Disney is also looking to boost viewership on its streaming service, Disney+. In addition to the avalanche star Wars And Marvel shows on the service, Disney is also developing a number of new fantasy and adventure series that are working for the service.

Today’s movie

Looking to the future, it seems that the latest genre of film that Disney is looking to control is the imagination of young adults. YA’s fantasy waters have proven treacherous before, like the movies meltedAnd the the hostAnd the beautiful creatures, mortal instrumentsAnd the And many other YA adaptations from book to movie failed to generate much interest in audiences. However, there have also been huge success stories in this world. string like Harry Potter And the hunger Games It has become one of the biggest series of the past few decades, as both have sparked massive global obsessions with their brands and characters.

Disney is hoping the next YA phenomenon will come from them, as they have previously announced several new YA fantasy series that will be adapted into Disney+ TV shows. While there is certainly an interest in the new Eragon And the Spiderwick Chronicles A series in development for the streaming service, the most anticipated of all this new series is undoubtedly the new adaptation of Percy Jackson and the Olympians. The Percy Jackson The books have already had two failed movie adaptations before, but there is still plenty of potential left in the series. Here’s how the new show could become Disney’s next big hit.

Learning from past mistakes

the two Percy Jackson Movies released in the early 2000s were pretty massive disruptions for a number of reasons. One of the biggest problems is that they fail to connect with the franchise’s core audience. Even ardent fans of the books were not impressed by the two staged flights. Feedback on 2010 lightning thief It was pretty mixed, but by the time the second movie came out, sea ​​of ​​monsters, In 2013, book lovers had very little love left for movies. While there has been much praise for the casting of Logan Lerman in the lead role of Percy, the films themselves completely fail to capture any charm from the novels on which they are based.

Fans’ disappointment with the films translated into poor box office receipts, and here’s why The movie series is never completed. However, the films were such poor adaptations of the source material that no one really wanted to see them completed anyway. While lightning thief At least I tried to follow the outlines of her book, sea ​​of ​​monsters He went everywhere before eventually stealing the end of the fourth book and trying to cram him into the second movie. The results weren’t great.

However, the new Disney + series appears to be learning from the mistakes of the previous films. Movie adapted from lightning thief And the sea ​​of ​​monsters It was largely disowned by both book lovers and even series creator Rick Riordan. After Disney announced the new series, with Riordan as writer and producer, The author denounced the film’s modifications on Twitter by saying they are “my life’s work going through a meat grinder” before continuing with “We’ll fix it soon”. Riordan didn’t have much to do with his book adaptations in the movie, so his inclusion in the new series has many fans hopeful that it will lead to a more faithful adaptation.

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Benefit from a passionate fan base

Members Percy Jackson and the Olympians dedicated. They love the characters and stories of that universe. When the first two films were released, it was a few years after the two books had initially gone viral. The stories were fresh in the minds of audiences, and so were even more important when they weren’t translated well to the screen. This is new Percy Jackson The series needs to attract these core fans If he wanted he would have any chance of success.

Disney + Percy Jackson The series has an additional benefit that the original films did not have, which is nostalgia. The original five books were released between 2005 and 2009 (would anyone else realize that lightning thief Almost 20 years?). The kids who grew up reading and loving the series are now adults, and many of them have maintained a love for the series and still carry a sense of nostalgia for it. For better or worse, nostalgia has become a major factor in the success of many Hollywood franchises these days. Ago Percy Jackson The books have managed to retain long-standing love and adoration from their fan base, have already set foot in the door and have a better chance of catching up and achieving success.

Of course, the new show should respond to what fans loved about the original books in order to keep them interested in the new Disney+ adaptation. There are a lot of people out there who may not have read books since they were younger, and if a new show doesn’t evoke the same kind of feelings and experience as the books, then that audience won’t remember why they loved it. Percy Jackson in the first place. If the show abandons too much of the original story or style of the books, it risks losing its core audience. This doesn’t mean the show has to be a literal adaptation, but it does need to keep the spirit of the books alive if it is to be a success.

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Multiple seasons and series

if a file Percy Jackson The series on Disney+ can successfully tap into the fan base behind the series while also attracting new viewers, then Disney will be in a very good position to expand the franchise with new seasons and possibly even other shows. Scientist Percy Jackson An extensive series, with many different characters, stories, and legends all housed in the same space. Assuming the series adapts roughly one book per season, the Percy Jackson The show is already set and ready to go for five full seasons. However, this is just the beginning of how the universe continues.

In the years since the last book in Percy Jackson series, The last Olympic, released, there have been many new expansions of this universe. There were two separate series that followed the stories inspired by Greek mythology. Olympus heroes He was the first to follow Percy Jackson With a series of five new books released between 2010 and 2014. This series was then further built with other supplemental series, Trials of Apollowhich consisted of five other books released between 2016 and 2020. Although Percy Jackson is not the central hero in Olympus heroes or Trials of ApolloHe is still a major character in both series. So, if the new Percy Jackson The series was a smash hit, and then the foundation was already laid for the franchise to continue for years to come. Locker Scoble can have a very bright future In front of him in the role.

There are not many stories set for the future of the main characters within Percy Jackson series, but there are also many spin-off stories set in the same universe that can make for great series as well. the first ken recordsa concept similar to Percy Jackson series, however its focus is on Egyptian rather than Greek mythology. This series consists of only three books: red pyramid; throne of fire And the snake shadow. A few years ago, Riordan announced that a series of movies based on ken records It was in development with Netflix, although there has been no further news about the films since then. In addition to those books, there are also other spin-off series that explore Norse mythology in the world Percy Jackson. that series, Magnus Chase and the Gods of AsgardIt also consists of three books: summer sword; Thor’s hammer And the ship of the dead. There are also many other series of similar books published under the banner of “Rick Riordan Presents” that explore various myths from around the world. Although these books are not technically placed within the same world as Percy Jacksonthey are similar enough that they could be folded into the universe if Disney really had a strong desire to expand.

As exciting as fans may find it all, it’s too soon to start legitimately speculating Olympus heroesAnd the ken recordsAnd the Or any of these other books being adapted into the Disney+ series as well. Percy Jackson He should do well first, and there are still likely to be four more seasons the show must go through before diving into those other stories. However, if the series is a smash hit, which it certainly has the potential to do, there’s a wide open world for Disney to explore with the brand.

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