Free Dallas Cowboys Agency: 5 reasons to sign Jason Peters

Last Thursday morning was a bit surreal for Cowboys in DallasTeam fans spent time wondering how the season worked with Tyron Smith probably not being a part of it at all. Meanwhile, the team’s owner/chairman/general manager exchanged bogus compliments and insults with a famous media personality during a show broadcast live from The Star in Frisco.

Since then, the team has looked a bit dark. They were (technically still) on the verge of starting a newbie to tackle the left, a newbie who hadn’t seen any work in the position since June. rookie who, According to the person who was on the TVHe has a sprained ankle. None of this looks great.

Wednesday afternoon brought a ray of light, anyway. A bat sign in the sky tells us that a potential hero is on the way.

It is possible that Jason Peters will be a member of the Dallas Cowboys in the near future. This, simply put, has to happen.

Here are five reasons why.

He would immediately be the best left-footed tackle on the team

Right now, the Dallas Cowboys’ only legitimate left tackle options are the aforementioned Tyler Smith, as well as Josh Ball and Matt Waletzko.

We all believe in Smith’s potential with this team, but for the reasons mentioned above, sending him off to tackle is playing with fire. He can obviously thrive, but he can also play poorly and have his future with the team and in the NFL in general take a hit in the process.

As for Josh Ball and Matt Waletzko, we’ve been living in a Tyron-less world for a week now and neither of them have been suggested as some sort of serious full-time option for left-handedness (and they shouldn’t be either). Being kind here, they are not one of the best players currently on the team.

Jason Peters walks into this locker room as the team’s top left tackle with no questions asked. That alone is sufficient reason to justify his recruitment.

Tyler Smith can stay in the left guard

If Jason Peters plays on the left at this club, then Tyler Smith is not. If Tyler Smith isn’t playing the left tackle, that means he’s playing in the left guard, you know, the position he spent all of the training camp and pre-season learning and mastering.

We have no idea how good Tyler Smith is in the NFL, but he should have the opportunity to set up for legitimate success. He’s definitely the best left keeper option on the list (more on that in a bit) so keeping him untouched seems like an ideal option which is why many have said the best answer to Tyron Smith’s injury is to find something Jason Peters stands for. Easy plug and play answer.

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Depth along the inside untouched

Continuing the domino effect here, if Tyler Smith is the left guard for this team, that means Conor McGovern remains the highest point deep inside. We talked recently On how moving Smith (which is a fairly logical idea to be fair) creates a domino effect as the best backup inside McGovern is now a full-time starter which means there won’t be any linear factor to be comfortable around backup roles.

Peters’ signature with the Cowboys keeps everything the way it is and it’s clear the way the Cowboys were designed. They definitely have to look for a proper swing method (a need that was there before the injury), but this will take them a long way to stabilize the ship.

Tyler Smith can learn from the future Hall of Fame

Every point we’ve discussed so far has involved Tyler Smith in some way, shape, or form. It’s no secret that change has arrived for the Dallas Cowboys’ offensive line. The days of Tyron Smith, Travis Frederick, and Zack Martin appearing on game shows together are good in the rearview mirror.

Tyler Smith represents a step into the future and we hope to be a key player for the team along the offensive line. He should be nurtured and nurtured as an NFL player, which means he shouldn’t be thrown into a volatile position as mentioned, and what’s more, he should have the opportunity to learn from an elite player in the position he will play for a long-term.

He obviously had that in Tyron Smith, but the unfortunate fact of things is that the pictures of them lined up next to each other will probably live in the same museum as the ones Tony Romo hands over to Ezekiel Elliott. Jason Peters offers another future Hall of Fame player to learn from, and that’s exactly the kind of guardianship he and everyone entering the NFL need.

There is absolutely no downside

The Cowboys need the position Jason Peters plays.

The Cowboys have salary cap space to bring in a player like Jason Peters.

Jason Peters instantly makes the Cowboys a better soccer team.

So with all that being said… what’s the downside? That Peters is a “blocker” to the likes of Josh Paul and/or Matt Waltzko? All due respect to them is largely unimportant in the big picture here.

Speaking of the big picture, this move would literally be the most dangerous investment the Cowboys could have made in their tackle site this entire season. It has to be done.

Bonus: It will be fun to catch Eagles fans if and when Peters is amazing

Imagine a long time Philadelphia Eagles A key player helping the Dallas Cowboys be the first repeat winners of the NFC East since 2004. That would be fun, wouldn’t it?

There’s no doubt that the Eagles made their roster to run at the Cowboys in 2022. The bouncing transmission, which includes a former cross-sprint sprinter, will be a lot of fun to see.

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