Everton – Liverpool: English Premier League – live! | Premier League

Everton: Pickford, Patterson, Coady, Tarkowski, Mykolenko, Davies, Onana, Iwobi, Maupay, Gray, Gordon.
Subs: Keane, Allan, McNeil, Begovic, Coleman, Gueye, Ruben Vinagre, Rondon, Mills.


Liverpool: Alisson, Alexander-Arnold, Gomez, van Dijk, Tsimikas, Elliott, Fabinho, Carvalho, Salah, Nunez, Diaz.
Subs: Milner, Firmino, Adrian, Jota, Robertson, Arthur, Matip, Bajcetic, Phillips.


Referee: Anthony Taylor (England).

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The Merseyside Derby is always hotly contested. It’s seen 22 red cards in the Premier League era, a record no other rivals can beat. There’s a fair chance this one could kick off, too, seeing both clubs, for slightly different reasons, are desperate for a result. Everton are still looking for their first win of the season; Liverpool can’t afford to cede much more ground to Manchester City, Arsenal, Spurs et al. Throw in some recent brouhahas between the two teams – principally that ill-tempered 2-2 here in October 2020 – plus Liverpool’s desire to maintain a high tempo compared to Everton’s willingness to break up play, and this has all the makings of another full-throttle rumble. Plus: added Neal Maupay and Darwin Nunez! Two strikers with a track record in comedy confrontation! It all begins at 12.30pm BST. It’s on!

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main events

42 minutes: Carvalho is back, but limping.

40 minutes: The fixed piece was run wide, and curled backwards. Nunez rises at the far post and heads over the crossbar.

39 minutes: Klopp is not happy with this challenge. He exchanged views with the fourth official, as Carvalho had a leg pain. He jumps from the moment as Liverpool Get ready to swing a free kick into the mixer from the left.

38 minutes: 1st booking in the afternoon as Onana arrived late on Carvalho with his knee in the pants. Carvalho remains in place while fans of the local team question the professionalism of the referee through the song.

36 minutes: Nunez and Salah have achieved very little so far, while Carvalho has yet to be identified. Everton I would be very happy with the way things have gone so far.

34 minutes: Alexander Arnold crosses from the right. Nunez makes a clumsy effort on a bike kick. Fresh air is passed. His dignity takes more hits as he turns around to chase the ball, only to slip into the corner flag, legs akimbo. Oh, oh, right-swingers.

32 minutes: Patterson crosses from the right. Gomez walks away. Maupay’s presence ensures that the ball flies to Davies, to the right of the penalty area. Davies hits a shot through Alisson… and out of the left hand upright! Very close to the opening! Nice effort with the outside of his right shoe.

Tom Davies' head shot into the post.
Tom Davies’ head shot into the post. Photo: Robbie Jay Barratt/AMA/Getty Images

31 minutes: Two pass sequences at a higher price here.

29 minutes: Gordon, who was busy at both ends of the field, makes a deep cross to the inside from the left. goal kick. This turns incorrectly now.

27 minutes: Tsimikas takes a free kick in the left flank. Diaz almost gets a telescopic leg, but only transports fresh air. Pickford claims.

25 minutes: Gordon Tsimikas clips. Error. Gomez Nix Gray. No harm. Gordon Tsimikas clips. Error. Gordon rides Tsimikas in the ribs. Error. Goodison believers aren’t happy, though, as they sing Gordon once the boos have subsided. Merseyside Derby, here.

23 minutes: Gray swings inward from the left. Half cleared. Gordon tries to point the lower right curler. Alison reads it and claims with confidence. Liverpool He tried to tackle, but Nunez couldn’t control and the three-on-one break opportunity was gone.

22 minutes: Tsimikas comes through Gray’s back and Everton You have a chance to pump the resulting free kick into the penalty area. Van Dijk has to head into the first corner of the match at Everton.

21 minutes: Merseyside derbies are often not very good. This one is quite annoying…but it’s also very unlocked, yet it’s a decent watch. Both sides give it a good boost in attack.

19 minutes: That was a good opportunity for Nunez, who was a bit tentative in the air battle with Patterson. At the other end, Patterson crosses from the right. The ball hits Tsimikas, home fans shout for a penalty, but the Everton players don’t, as the cross hit the ball. Liverpool A defender on the seat of his pants.

18 minutes: Liverpool Pass it with great patience. Then suddenly Alexander-Arnold made a cross from the side line on the right. Nunez rises above Patterson in the far post, but cannot get a header on goal. goal kick.

Darwin Nunez with a header.
Darwin Nunez gets a cross. Photo: Olly Scarf/AFP/Getty Images

16 minutes: Alexander Arnold cuts a simple pass for one throw. Home lovers enjoy themselves.

15 minutes: Alexander-Arnold fights a speculative pass down the right inner channel. Diaz overtakes the accelerating Pickford, but the ball is moving so fast that it flies for the goal kick. The Everton The guard escapes from the rush of blood.

14 minutes: Small space for Nunez in the lower left. He has options, but he chooses to cross to nobody in particular and the ball sails unharmed to Pickford.

13 minutes: Patterson takes a handful of Diaz’s shirt. Diaz swayed in rage and clapped his back. The referee pulls them up and tells them to act. and so it begins?

11 minutes: Liverpool It has enjoyed an 83 percent takeover so far. But it was Everton who created two chances in the first half.

Anthony Gordon after the effort of Neil Maupai.
Anthony Gordon after the effort of Neil Maupai. Photograph: Phil Noble/Reuters

9 minutes: Fabinho is having some treatment after he gets wrapped up. It will be fine to continue. Meanwhile, Goodison stands out as one in love with Olivia Platt-Corbell.

8 minutes: Coady makes a pass to the right to Gray, who stuns the ball with his first touch, then hits it across Liverpool square with his second. There is no one there to take advantage of Everton. Davies then wins a ball in the middle of the field, Gray Mawbay slips into the area below the right, and the new boy crosses the ball again, back to no one. This is better than the hosts after a slow start.

6 minutes: Everton launched their first attack, with Maupay rolling a pass down the left inner channel of Onana, who dodges a low shot in Alisson’s direction. Easy pick up of Liverpool a guard.

5 minutes: Tsimikas and Diaz gather at the bottom left. The latter tries to find Nunez with a low cross, but Liverpool The boy objects Cody and exonerates. The visitors started off brightly and calmed the crowd…a bit.

3 minutes: Alexander-Arnold’s right-hand throw wins the first corner of the game. He takes it himself. The ball breaks to Tsimikas who has the belt from a distance. Tarkovsky blocks and Everton Erase their lines.

2 minutes: Fairly high octane starter. There is no big surprise there. Liverpool They see more ball during these early exchanges.

Mohamed Salah.
guess who? Photo: Jason Kerndof/Action Images/Reuters

Liverpool roll the ball. They’re kicking toward the end of Gwladys Street in this first half.

The difference is out! You don’t want me to tell you this, but Everton is wearing blue, Liverpool red. Goodison for sure vibrating. You didn’t need me to tell you that either. We’ll be leaving in two minutes!

Anyone for the classic joy of six? Of course you are. Happy to force!

Jurgen Klopp explains Nunez’s choice of Firmino for BT Sport. “It wasn’t difficult. Bobby came back from injury and played a lot, obviously a new Darwin. Then we had to change in midfield, it was clear. We decided Fabio, because it’s Mili who can come in five places! Then Kostas for Robbo. Robbo plays a lot and when we can make a non-forced change, we should. Everton They’ve done really well in the last few games, they should have gotten more points, that’s right. They’ll play long balls, and that won’t change because of Maupay, they have extra quality.”

Hectic atmosphere outside Goodison. Frank wasn’t wrong, the fans are behind Everton Good.

People, fresh out of the pub, salute the arrival of their team on their bus to their club.
People, who have just come out of the pub, salute the arrival of their team. Photo: Michael Reagan/Getty Images

Frank Lampard talks to BT Sport. “We know the fans are behind us. We’re grateful for that against a team like Liverpool, who are going to have their moments. We didn’t try to change the world in one transfer window. We tried to build the backbone of the team, get some character out there, and we did. Some more energy, And some more legs. Now we need to work with the team. We have to be realistic where we were last year, and understand how tough it was. Premier League he is. It has to be done step by step, game by game, but this Premier League doesn’t give you much time.”

As the former says Everton Duncan Ferguson, a back room fan, standing next to a BT board this lunchtime, said he “much misses…we miss you”. The real connection is clear, all the wide smiles and eye contact, and it’s a beautiful moment.

Everton made just one change to the so-called side’s 1-1 draw with Leeds. Neil Maupai makes his Toffees debut, with Dwight McNeill relegated to the bench. The returning hero Idrissa Gaye has been named a sub.

Liverpool make three changes after their 2-1 win over Newcastle United. Midfielder of the week Fabio Carvalho is being rewarded with a start, along with Costas Tsimikas and Darwin Nunez, who pulled off the naughty move and made his way back into the squad. Roberto Firmino and Andy Robertson fall off the bench, while Jordan Henderson suffers a foul. Arthur Melo, who had signed for a new loan, got his work permit just in time to get a seat on the bench.

the difference

Everton: Pickford, Patterson, Cowade, Tarkovsky, Mikolenko, Davies, Onana, Iwobi, Mobay, Gray, Gordon.
Subs: Kane, Allan, McNeill, Begovic, Coleman, Guy, Robin Vinagger, Rondon, Mills.

Liverpool: Alisson, Alexander-Arnold, Gomez, Van Dyck, Tsimikas, Elliott, Fabinho, Carvalho, Salah, Nunez, Diaz.
Subs: Milner, Firmino, Adrian, Guetta, Robertson, Arthur, Matip, Bagcitic, Phillips.

Rule: Anthony Taylor (England).


Merseyside derby is Always Strongly disputed. I have seen 22 red cards in Premier League Era, a record no other competitor can beat. There’s a good chance this, too, will start to see both clubs, for slightly different reasons, desperate for a result. Everton are still looking for their first win of the season. Liverpool cannot concede more territory to Manchester City, Arsenal and Tottenham and others. Throw some final noise between the two teams — basically who – which Bad Mood 2-2 here in October 2020 – plus Liverpool’s desire to keep the pace high compared to Everton’s willingness to break play, this has all the makings of another let. Plus: Neil Maupai and Darwin Nunez added! Two attackers have a track record in the comic confrontation! It all starts at 12:30 PM GMT. It’s up!

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