Dustin May’s third start is tough

Los Angeles – A Dustin May He continues to build himself up on his return from Tommy John surgeryIt shouldn’t be a surprise if there are some hiccups in the process. After two strong starts, May had one Friday night at Dodger Stadium.

in 7-1 loss in opening streak To the Padres, May has recorded career highs in earned sprinting (six), walking (five) and bats (two), while achieving career highs with two home runs.

“Certainly, with Dustin, things are there,” said manager Dave Roberts. “But if you don’t drive it, then guys can speed time. And there were some good breakers, but there were a lot of mistakes all over his court.”

Many of these fouls came in the third inning, when May abandoned the couple at home. Both came after May free players were allowed, and both came on dips that didn’t sink enough.

After a full walk to Juan Soto, Mane Machado mashed a ball into the left field stands. He hit Josh Bell in three pitches before hitting Jake Kronworth in the back leg at 92.8 mph. The next hitter, Brandon Drury, got a sinker in roughly the same location as he hit Machado, and drove it to roughly the same spot in the stands as Machado’s home.

The excavator is usually a destructive tool for the month of May. The right-hander disagreed when he suggested that these submersibles had less vertical movement than usual.

“They really guessed,” Mai said.

Rounds four and five went more smoothly, but May ran into trouble again in round six, starting with a scary moment when Drury hit a chin flap with a curve ball. Drury took his base, though he later left to substitute defensively with a head contusion and is considered day in and day out.

He followed this up by walking by Trent Gresham, ending his night. He threw 87, 53 to strike (or 60.1%, compared to 66.2% in his first two games together).

Then the contestants came to register upon unloading Heath Humbury They gave up their run three times at home to Gorrickson Provar, putting the Dodgers in a kind of deficit they haven’t seen many times in 2022. The loss was the first time they had defeated by more than five games not just this season, but in 228 games. streak in the regular season, according to STATS.

“Keep moving forward,” May said. “There is nothing else you can do.”

When Mai was first activated from the injured list, there was a lot of talk about the pressure he might feel to carry the team somehow. Time and time again, the Dodgers have emphasized that while May is an important part of their post-season plans, he alone is not expected to be the team’s saviour.

However, recent events have made the Dodgers’ need for the May event more important than ever. Besides the loss Walker Buhler For Tommy John’s surgery, Los Angeles is currently without her Tony Johnslin, who landed on the IL with a right forearm strain on August 29 (retroactive to August 26). Although the MRI appeared on Friday, according to Roberts, “as much as we had hoped,” there is still uncertainty about how long Gonsulin will stay and how he will present the show when he returns.

While Clayton Kershaw And the Andrew Heaney Active at the moment, and both missed a long time due to their injuries – Kershaw’s pelvic and back injuries, and Heaney’s left shoulder problems.

So in order for the Dodgers to be really comfortable this October, they’ll need May to look more like the man they were in their first two games. They hope that Friday’s outing will be just the kind of flash that comes with returning to the Major League hill after nearly a year and a half, and that it will give him something to build upon moving forward.

“It’s a good lesson,” Roberts said. “He’ll see those guys again, I think his next turn. So when you’re having good hitters up and down the lineup, you have to sequence well and you have to lead the baseball game.”

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