DJ Khaled gets 4th album #1 on the Billboard 200 with “God Did” – Billboard

DJ Khaled Fourth landing No. 1 on 200 . plate Album Chart (Dated Sept 10th) as God did First time at the top of the list. The star-studded group had 107,500 equivalent album units in the United States in the week ending September 1, according to Luminate. It’s Khaled’s tenth effort in the top ten as well.


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Also in the top 10 of the new Billboard 200, twice It ranks third in the top 10 with debut between 1 and 2 In number 3 while Nicki Minaj She scored her sixth total and top 10 in a row with her greatest hits arc, Radio Queen: Volume 1. In addition, Sonic Silk Evening with Silk Sonic And the Kendrick Lamar‘s Mr. Morale and Big Steppers Both return to the region after releasing their vinyl.

The Billboard 200 charts the most popular albums per week in the United States based on multimeter consumption as measured in album equivalent units, aggregated by Luminate. Units consist of album sales, track equivalent albums (TEA) and streaming albums equivalent (SEA). Each unit equals 1 album sale, 10 single tracks sold from an album, 3,750 ad-supported or 1,250 official/subscription on-demand sounds generated by songs from an album. The new chart will be published on September 10, 2022 in full at paintingIts website is on Wednesday, September 7 (one day later than usual, due for the US Labor Day holiday on September 5). For all chart news, follow billboard and billboardcharts on Twitter and Instagram.

to God did107,500 equivalent album units were acquired, SEA units comprised 96,000 (equivalent to 129.82 million official on-demand streams of the group’s tracks), album sales comprised 9,500 and TEA units comprised 2,000.

God did It features 31 guest artists, including 16 that previously topped the Billboard 200. Among them are: Drake, Eminem, Future, Jay-Z, Jadakiss, Lil Baby, and Travis Scott.

In total , God did It is Khaled’s tenth album in terms of charting and fourth to become No. 1. He has previously topped the list Khaled Khaled (2021), thankful (2017) and master key (2016).

bad bunny‘s On Verano Sin T It falls in second place after nine non-consecutive weeks at number one with 106,000 album-equivalent units (up 1%). The group has yet to leave the top two spots of the chart in their 17-week run on the list so far. The last album that started off strong was drake‘s opinionswhich also spent the first 17 weeks in the first two weeks (May 21 – September 10, 2016 charts dated).

TWICE collects its 3rd Top 10 on the Billboard 200 as between 1 and 2 Bowing at number three with 100,000 high-ranking album equivalent units. Of that amount, album sales comprise 94,000 (another week being my career best week); The SEA consisted of 6000 units (equivalent to 9.18 million official on-demand streams from the group’s seven tracks); TEA units contain a small amount.

Like many K-pop releases, the CD composition of between 1 and 2 Released in collectible deluxe bundles (a total of 17, including editions sold exclusively through Target, Barnes & Noble, and the group’s official online store), with a standard set of items and random items (such as photo cards, stickers, and stickers); 96.5% of the album’s first week sales were on CDs. The other 3.5% were digital album sales (just over 3,000). The set was not released in any other format, such as vinyl or cassette.

No. 1 Ex Lamar Mr. Morale and Big Steppers It returns to the top ten, at 24-4, after its vinyl release on August 26. In the week ending September 1, the group earned 55,000 equivalent album units (up 188%), with 38,000 of that amount in album sales (up 2,408%). Vinyl sales comprise nearly 36,000 of that 38,000 figure.

Mr. Morale and Big Steppers It debuted at number one on the chart on May 28 and spent the first six weeks in the top ten.

Morgan Wallenformer boss Dangerous: the double album Falls from 4 to 5 with 50,000 album-equivalent units obtained (up 3%). Dangerous: the double album It has now accumulated 85 non-consecutive weeks in the top ten on the Billboard 200. Since the chart began publishing on a regular weekly basis in 1956, dangerous The titled album Peter, Paul and Mary tied for the most weeks in the top ten among singles, with 85 non-consecutive weeks in 1962–1964. However, there are seven albums that have more weeks in the top ten than dangerous And the Peter, Paul and Mary – And all are multi-artist audio clips and recordings, led by the top 10 record holder of all time, the original recording of the cast My Fair Lady, with 173 weeks in the top ten between 1956-60. See the list below.

Albums with more weeks in the top ten on the Billboard 200 (March 24, 1956 onwards)
Weeks in the top ten, artist, job title, first year in the top ten
173, original cast, My Fair Lady1956
109, soundtrack, sound of Music1965
106, soundtrack, West side story1962
105, original cast, sound of Music1960
90, soundtrack, South Pacific1958
87, original cast, Camelot1961
87, soundtrack, Oklahoma!1956
85, Morgan Wallen, Dangerous: the double album2021
85, Peter, Paul and Mary, Peter Paul and Mary1962
84, Adele, 212011
84, Bruce Springsteen, Born in the United States1984
(via the graph dated September 10, 2022).

BeyonceRanked first in the chart Renaissance It falls 3-6 on the new Billboard 200 with 46,000 equivalent album units (down 12%).

Silk Sonic – duo of Bruno Mars and Anderson. Buck – jumps back into the top ten with Evening with Silk Sonic, jumping 200-7, after the group’s vinyl release on August 26. In the week ending September 1, the album had 44,000 equivalent album units (up 509%), with 38,000 of that amount in album sales (up 4,595%). Vinyl sales make up nearly 37,000 of this week’s album sales.

Evening with Silk Sonic It debuted and peaked at number two on the chart on November 27, 2021. It spent the first three weeks in the top ten.

A pair of the former #1 on the new Billboard 200 chart, like Road Wave‘s Beautiful thinking Falls from 2 to 8 with 43,000 album equivalent units earned (at 24%) and Harry StilesHarry’s house It drops 5-9 with just under 43,000 units (down 5%).

Collection of Minaj’s greatest songs Radio Queen: Volume 1 Bowing at number 10 on the Billboard 200 with 32,000 album-equivalent units. Of this amount, SEA comprises 27,500 units (equivalent to 38.43 million of the group’s tracks), album sales comprise 3,000 and TEA units comprise 1,500. It is Minaj’s sixth consecutive Top 10 album – the total of her chart efforts.

Radio Queen: Volume 1 It was initially available as a standard set of 27 tracks, and was re-released within his debut week with an additional bonus track, a remix of “Likkle Miss”, attributed to Minaj and Skeng.

Radio Queen: Volume 1 It includes 15 top 40 songs by Minaj on the Billboard Hot 100, including her last number one, “Super Freaky Girl”.

luminous, An independent data provider for Billboard charts, it completes a comprehensive, comprehensive review of all data submissions used to compile weekly chart rankings. Luminate reviews and certifies data, removing any suspicious or unverifiable activity using defined criteria before making and publishing the final scheme calculations. In partnership with Billboard, data deemed suspicious and unverifiable is eliminated before final calculation.

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