Chris Stapleton and Miranda Lambert wrote a song called “Someone’s Pregnant,” and we need to hear it

I don’t really know what this means…

All I know is that I need to hear it.

Chris Stapleton And the Miranda Lambert You have a new song registered with BMI (a huge company that deals with licenses and royalties for songwriters) called “Somebody Winds Up Pregnant”…and I don’t think I was too intrigued by the song’s title or authors long ago:

Normally, this wouldn’t be much to write home about, because artists and writers are constantly recording songs for many different reasons. Some of them never see the light of day, or end up on someone else’s album, but this album caught my eye.

I mean, Chris and Miranda co-wrote a tune titled like that? It actually has potential for country music song of the year based on those facts alone.

Now, we know that Miranda has dropped a new record on it PalominoKris is still promoting his Grammy Award winning 2021 album start overWho knows if we’ll hear this song and when or if they’ll sing it together, but hopefully we will.

I can’t even imagine so much country talent in a song together. I think they might be the duo we didn’t know we needed.

Chris and Miranda performed Maggie’s Song together at the 2021 ACM Awards:

Miranda Lambert & Ellie King ‘Drunk (And I Don’t Want To Go Home)’ Goes No. 1

You love to see it.

Miranda Lambert and El King They officially got the #1 song on Country Radio this week with their duo, Drunk (and I don’t want to go home).

Co-written by Elle and Martin Johnson, it’s a tribute to staying outside until dawn and drinking the night away, even though it has a slightly more alternative and rocky sound than that of country.

But it’s a really fun track that’s been steadily rising in the charts since its release last February.

It’s also the first female single duet to reach number one on country radio since “Does He Love You” by Reba and Linda Davis in 1993…almost 30 years ago. It’s the tenth for Miranda and the second for Miranda.

Miranda and Ellie recently joined the duo Ashley McBride and Karlie Pierce to get Enter the first two cooperatives in which females are limited to the top ten In Country Radio Ever in Country Music.

And this weekend, “Drunk” hit #1 on the Mediabase Country Airplay chart, one of two charting labels used to officially track the performance of their songs:

Big congratulations to Elle and Miranda…this #1 celebration would be super chill if anything like a music video (and with those two, I’d be willing to bet this one would be a lot like it):

Miranda Lambert Plots Las Vegas Residency

Miranda Lambert is heading to Sin City.

This year’s ACM Entertainer star announced her first Las Vegas residency, Velvet RodeoIt will take place at the Zappos Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino.

I really don’t think there’s anything she can’t do at this point, from owning her own clothing line to being the only artist to have a Broadway bar in Nashville, this Vegas residency is another milestone for Miranda in her career.

24 shows will go live in September, with dates running through the end of the year, plus some dates in 2023.

Of course, playing in Vegas means taking the production of The Miranda Show to a whole other level, and getting a little more creative in everything from the set design to the wardrobe:

“When you tour as long as you tour, there is something really creative about imagining a stay in a city like Las Vegas.

I’ve had so much fun designing our sets, merchandise, clothing and shoe lines, and even my Broadway spot in Nashville, Casa Ross…so, this opportunity allows me to dig deeper into this aspect of myself and think about how to bring country music to life in this room.

I think everyone will like what we dreamed of. I’m really excited about this! “

She shared the news on Instagram this morning, and tickets for all the shows will be sold out on Friday:

“I’m headed to Vegas everyone! My new Velvet Rodeo starts this fall! Presentation starts April 1. Join RanFans at for pre-sale tickets.”

Looks like I’ll take a trip to Vegas sometimes this year… This will be a show that can’t be missed.

Velvet Rodeo Accommodation times:


“If I were a cowboy”

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