3 Reasons the Dallas Cowboys Might Go 6-11 in the 2022 NFL Season

A Netflix file Most Popular OffersAnd the Weird things It aired its fourth season during the summer. Let’s say you haven’t watched the series – don’t worry. There will be no spoilers here.

The show contains a hidden world in a parallel reality of Hawkins, Indiana, called The Upside Down. This place is disgusting, dark and old. Hawkins, Indiana, is far from normal but usually calm, peaceful and efficient. The description of a town is not usually described as “old” or “functional”, but it will make sense in a second.

How does the season end for Cowboys in Dallas In 2022 it could reflect any of the city’s reality on show.

There is a neutral feeling surrounding Team America for the first time in a while. Analysts throughout the football scene can imagine Dallas finishing third in the NFC East just as easily as winning the division and returning to the playoffs.

So which side of Hawkins does the team look like in the end? In this article, we’ll discuss three reasons why the Cowboys finished season 6-11. In a follow-up article, we discuss the other side of the coin.

Dallas Cowboys record: (6-11)

1. An outdated running game

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones went on the ESPN morning show take first “It’s still true. We go like Zeke goes,” he told the fans present.

Since the start of training camp, Jones has been talking about how running will be the focus of attack this season. What if it doesn’t work?

Dallas didn’t have a winning formula when teams focused on stopping the race in 2021.

  • Week 9 vs. the Broncos: 16 holds 78 dash, zero touchdown
  • Week 11 against the Chiefs: 16 holds 82 yards dash, zero touchdown
  • Week 12 against the Raiders: 20 holds 64 yards, 1 touchdown
  • Week 17 vs Cardinals: 17 holds for 45 yards, no touchdown
  • Playoff vs. 49ers: 21 carries 77 yards, one touchdown

match against Tampa Bay Buccaneers It’s not listed here because Prescott played out of his mind as the Cowboys gave up on racing from the start. When the outcome of the match depends on the success of the passing game, it does not lead to many wins.

Their losses occurred when Dallas could not rush for at least 100 yards. This doesn’t even require your costume to rush into the century mark. This is the sum of Prescott, Pollard and Elliot.

The top six teams in the table return this season with their dominant fronts a year ago. The match that might be the easiest match is against Cincinnati Bengals. It doesn’t matter, just the former Asian champions.

If manager Mike McCarthy wants the offense to pass through Ezekiel Elliott and Tony Pollard, they must remain committed to facing the most brutal defensive lines. Otherwise, it would be like Running over the hill All season if they can’t find a foothold.

2. Micah Parsons disappears, and so does the rest of the corridor

Far from being a major injury, Micah Parsons would have a shell of himself from his rookie defensive campaign of the year would be devastating.

There was no indication that this would happen during the holiday period, but the opposing teams now have a movie about Parsons. The only way the All-Pro can be stopped is if the infractions find a way to neutralize him from the game by using his aggression against him.

This means the offense may make more tie plays if he lines up outside or cuts it down with a narrow end. If there is a formula in the movie to spoil its timing throughout the match, expect it to happen weekly.

What happens if Parsons is neutralized? Well, the impulses behind it are not reliable. Demarcus Lawrence is looking to return to his Pro Bowl pedigree, but missed ten games last season with a broken foot and has only 14.5 sacks since 2019. For context, he had that number in 2017 alone. Lawrence is one of the race’s best defenders, but that just can’t be enough.

The biggest question surrounding Dorance Armstrong and Donte Fowler, Jr. is their consistency. Armstrong had a breakout year in 2021 totaling five bags, and Dontey Fowler Jr. had 11.5 bags in 2019. Los Angeles rams. It’s a guessing game that their production will be repeated if the most rushing pass cowboy takes double teams.

The novelty bias appears to be cause for concern. According to the PFF, Fowler had a score of 61.8 last season, and Armstrong had a score of 59.9. For comparison purposes, Parsons has an impulsive score of 93.

The Cowboys play Tom Brady, Joe Burr, Matthew Stafford and Aaron Rodgers this season. If Eleven disappears against those brokers and in the first half of the season, Dallas game hopes may not be on the other side.

3. The offensive line is collapsing

This point is perhaps the most obvious and most likely to occur. There are reports Free agent Jason Peters visited the Cowboys yesterday and got into the negotiation process. His signature may not be good enough to raise the level of play along the offensive line.

When Mike McCarthy signed on to be the head coach of Team America, The offensive line looked very different. Now entering the 2022 season, the Week 1 streak could be:

  • LT: Tyler Smith
  • LG: Conor McGovern
  • A: Tyler Bidash
  • RG: Zach Martin
  • Q: Terence Steele

This position is reminiscent of a squad that lasted about a quarter of the season in 2020. It was a rotating tackle between Brandon Knight and Terrence Steele, Connors (Williams and McGovern) both on guard, and Biadas as a rookie splitting with Joe Looney. It was all the pressure on Zach Martin to lead the group and he missed six games.

Offensive coach Joe Philbin has hands full with this group led by Martin once again. Even if Peters is signed pre-season, Tyler Smith may still be the opening left tackle to give Peters more time to reach state of the game. This may take a few weeks. Tyler Smith took all of his pre-season shots at the left guard. He played left-hander in college but had no experience playing center at the NFL level.

McGovern got a chance to start last season but failed to grow outside of his role on the “Hulk” group. In the face of strong nasal surgeries, Biyadash showed signs of struggle. The clip below shows what could happen again against the pirates on opening night.

Steele was a surprise most analysts did not expect. He played so well that the front desk felt comfortable Kick Lyle Collins out the door. Can he keep growing from year two to three like last season? The team seems to be putting a lot of eggs in a cheap wicker basket. You may get two pregnancies, but will they last in the long run?

Cowboys cannot lose every battle in the trenches. If Dallas wants to run the ball and make it a priority, this game plan is based on the offensive line’s success. Otherwise, there would be no running game, and Prescott would be on the floor.

The Cincinnati Bengals team succeeded in reaching Energy Last season, with an offensive line, he led the league in permitted bags. However, the lighting doesn’t tend to hit twice.

But hey, strange things happened.

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